Malcolm McLaren RIP


I’m starting to feel like my blog is becoming “the blog of doom.”  I need to start posting more upbeat news on artists.  But in case you hadn’t heard, Malcolm McLaren passed away.  I haven’t seen any remarks from Lydon on his death yet, but he’s going to be on a show tonight and I’m sure there will be plenty of quotes by tomorrow morning.

I’m from the Midwest and as with most trends as I grew up (before the internet…gasp), Punk got here a little late.  But that’s OK as I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it at its short-lived peak.  Now I feel like Punk is something inside me – a part of my make-up so to speak.  So it hits home as we lose some of the architects of the genre.

As I read comments on the net here and there I was reminded of an interview Steve Jones did with Malcolm on Jonesy’s Jukebox.  (Man, I miss that show!!)  Steve being Steve asked his first question:  “Where’s The Money Bugger?”



Drowned in Sound has comments from both Lydon and Vivienne Westwood plus lots of other goodies including video of McLaren.

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