Record Store Day 2010


It’s finally here.  The guy from Love Garden in Lawrence, KS, tweeted that they had a line this morning.  Happy to hear it!  I’m off to see what I can find here in the metro since I’m house/pet sitting this weekend.  Will let you know if I find any goodies.

Not that it’s shocking, but the new Blur single sold out in record time.  “Fool’s Day” will be available in just a few hours via their website…so make sure you download it while you can.  You have about 24 hours, folks!

I don’t remember what artists participated last year, but this time around I saw a pattern with some 90’s artists.  Slash, Alice in Chains and Smashing Pumpkins, specifically.  Interesting to think about the transformation these three artists have had over the past decade. 

Slash has been all over the place playing with a wide range of artists and out there trying to make his own music.  Jerry from AiC has played steadily and stayed true to making his kind of music.  Now with enough time behind him and the passing of Layne, they’ve put out a pretty successful album.

And then there’s Billy.  Does anyone really care he’s out there whoring his old band when it’s a shell of its former self.  In fact, can it even be considered a band now?  Didn’t he see how well that worked for Axl?  Anyway, it just caught my eye as I looked over the list today.

Happy Record Day!  If you went out and purchased something let me know what you found.  🙂

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