Two takes on ‘Pop’


I’ve  been browsing the interwebs reading about upcoming releases and was struck by a couple of headlines by artists who’ve been around the block more than once.  Both stake claims about their upcoming albums.  And both take liberties with the word ‘Pop” – see for yourself.

The Modfather himself releases new material early this summer.  ‘Wake Up The Nation’ has a good ring to it.  Weller says the inspiration revolved around wanting to make the type of music he feels is lacking in the current climate. 

Expect more noise than his last.  He explained he “wanted it to have a more metallic and harder sound.”  From the Spinner article it sounds as though he’s listening to more American music these days like Kings of Leon and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Also note who makes an appearance on the album…one Kevin Shields.  Release date is June 1.

Then we have the Pop Princess, Kylie Minogue, whose umpteenth album ‘Aphrodite’ hits stores late July.  She mentions in this short article how she’s hit her stride and I’m sure she’s right. 

What I found amusing was the artist calling the new album “emotional pop” or in other words, “girls getting ready to go out, putting their make-up on.”  Now, I know Kylie is brilliant for her type of music and I’ll probably enjoy the new album, but this just made me giggle.

Helping with songwriting and producing will be Calvin Harris and Scissor Sisters (did Jake just give up recording himself?)

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