Spotlight: Three Blind Wolves


Here’s a new band I’ve been listening to lately.  Hailing from Glasgow, they have supported top acts such as Glasvegas and Frightened Rabbit.  From the handful of blog posts I’ve read Three Blind Wolves have been compared to My Morning Jacket and Mumford & Sons among others. 

After giving their 6-track album (released in March), The Sound of the Storm, further listens I am going to throw in my own “sound alike” comparison.  Normally I hate to do that when writing about a new band.  But this has been bugging me.  I think because the album’s vibe reminds me of a local artist, Arthur Dodge.  We used to catch Arthur along with his band, The Horsefeathers, pretty often.  I guess because of all the great memories I have of hanging out listening to them I’ve painted them brighter in my mind.  Recently I got out a couple of his albums and the just don’t sound like I remember the tracks sounding in person.

Guess that’s bound to happen sometimes.  Anyway I think the singer’s voice  (of Three Blind Wolves) reminds me more of Noah and the Whale.  Take a listen for yourself and leave a comment what artist you hear when you check out the band. 

Listen to tracks via:


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  1. I’m really weird about this style of music (Three Blind Wolves). Sometimes I get excited about it and other times it’s a total turn off.

    Thanks so much for the link, Christian. Can’t wait to read it in full!

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