Boris + Astbury = BXI


Several outlets have been talking about this upcoming EP pairing Boris with Ian Astbury.  There is some solid buzz surrounding the project, BXI, which I’m psyched to hear! 

Based on the initial interviews I’m reading/hearing the interviewers don’t seem to “get” the fact that such a collaboration feels just as natural to him as his recent work with Slash.  That’s just Ian.  He’s seriously into a lot of different types of music.  Often he mentions bands that I’ve been into as well:  FSOL, Primal Scream, Blonde Redhead, BRMC and the like. 

I tend to get my feathers ruffled easily when anyone disses Ian or The Cult.  And I think I am now realizing why.  It’s not just because they are my favorite band and Ian is my favorite singer.  It goes a little deeper than that.  I think it’s because when they’re misunderstood I feel misunderstood as well.

The Cult have such an interesting history.  Ian’s roots following Crass around; the influence of punk on the band — it gets lost on folks who think of them as “classic rock dinosaurs.”   He’s a new music junkie.  One of the reasons I really like the guy.  That, and he’s just a crazy, madman to boot!  😉

I totally love the fact that he paces and rants on stage, writes bizarre and cryptic messages on the (old) board or twitter and most of all I love the fact that he is always searching for new music to love and be inspired by.  Yeah, when someone rolls their eyes at my affinity for Ian or The Cult I simply smile to myself because I know they aren’t in on the joke!

Following are two parts to a recent audio interview with Ian (mainly about the new project):

Part I

Part II

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