Latest adds


Here are the latest tracks I’ve purchased during the last week:

Pete MacLeod’s “The Truth About Me And You”

MacLeod has a new EP out called Lost and Found.  This track is particularly my fav.  It’s very retro.  I can’t quite peg what British 60’s band it’s ripping off…maybe Steve/CR can shed some light on that.  😉  And there is an element to the song that reminds me of Crowded House.  Interesting combination.  You can listen to it via his website

Best Coast album, Crazy For You

Another retro feel.  I wasn’t planning a theme, but these do fit well together.  And I think it’s pretty amusing to see nearly every album review mention Snacks the cat who appears on the cover.  Cuteness aside, the album is cohesive and is a great summer soundtrack.  Streaming here.

The Cult – “Everyman and Woman is a Star” (single)

Hmm.  Hasn’t Ian sung about “stars” before?  Outside of that I think the song is awesdome.  It has the signature swagger required to be considered a good Cult song and it’s on repeat.  What more do you need to know?

What’s everyone else digging on lately?


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