RIP Michael Been


Not the kind of news you want to wake up and read, but thanks to one of my FB friends I saw this headline this morning.  It seems that former frontman of The Call and most recently soundman for his son’s outfit, BRMC, passed away yesterday.  The band was to play Belgium’s Pukkelpop Fest and Michael apparently had a heart attack backstage.  Just awful.

I always thought it was such a great story how he traveled with BRMC.  That had to have been a very special bond he had with both his son and Pete, who I’m sure was like a son as well.  The Call often ran under the radar, but built a solid reputation and you could see his dedication when you saw him work with BRMC at the sound board. 

The best article I found this morning is from The Oklahoman – did you know Been was from Oklahoma?  Last year The Oklahoma History Center hosted a special musical exhibit which included The Call.  Jeff Moore, director of exhibits:

“Michael Been was my inspiration for the rock ‘n’ roll exhibit,” Moore said. While I knew about the Wanda Jacksons and Leon Russells, they weren’t part of my generation. The Call was my generation, and I will always be a fan. Personally, it was a dream come true to meet Michael, interview him and include The Call in our exhibit. He will be greatly missed by his family, bandmates and fans around the world.”
Wow, no matter what BRMC does with the rest of their tour I know it’s going to be a hard one for the guys and crew.  Keep them and the Been family in your thoughts and prayers.  I’ve posted a live version of The Call’s “Everywhere You Go” below.  When Black Rebel Motorcycle Club first came out I hadn’t seen Robert play live; now that I’ve seen them so many times it’s very cool to see the similarities between father and son!

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