Twitter tirades by Manc Royalty


Wow, it was a crazy weekend in the Twitterverse if you followed the Manchester supergroup, Freebass.  While I was trying to catch up with friends and news Sunday I read where Mani had been tweeting nasty comments about fellow Freebass member, Peter Hook.  And a press release or statement announced the breakup of the band.

This morning in the light of day I am gathering the statement came out before Mani’s retraction of statements such as:

“I’m fine, dunno about the vulture who is ravenously devouring the last morsels of putrid flesh from Wilson/Curtis bones.”

“3 things visible from space, great wall of china, peter hooks wallet stuffed with ian Curtis blood money, man citys empty trophy cabinet!”

What perplexes me now is which came first, the breakup or the tirades.  I can see Mani being upset by a formal statement if he hadn’t had a say.  But seeing as Hooky has rushed to accept Mani’s apology it really makes me think we’ve all been had.  A sham.  Planned to get some talk going to move the album a bit.


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