Charlatans Update


I see where Charlies drummer, Jon Brookes, will be treated for a brain tumor.  I missed the news that he had to be resuscitated shortly after kicking off their Philly show last week.  Poor guy.  What a shocker!

According to NME he’ll be undergoing treatment while the lads wrap up the short US tour.  I feel for Brookes, his family and the band.  I give the band a hard time, but it’s only because I love most of the music sooo much and want everything to be aces all the time.  I know in real life that isn’t always possible.  Jon’s my fav and I wish him the best of luck in beating this! 

At the same time I’m waiting to hear how my own Dad’s tests will come out today.  Send him some vibes if you can – it’s appreciated!  It hasn’t been the best year in our household either. 

In more uplifting news I see where Tim is working on a new solo album and it sounds intriguing.  He’s working with folks from The Horrors and Klaxons among others.  I hope it’s as fun as his first album!


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