Initial Listens -Nov 4


This weekend I tracked through a few albums to see if I want to purchase or not.  My world turned upside down.  Most of the albums were not quite what I expected.

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record

Love, love, love “World Sick” so I was totally looking forward to listening to the full album.  I’m not sold on first listen.  Perhaps the fact that WS is track 1 has biased me subconsciously.  There are individual songs I like.  “Texico Bitches” and “Sentimental X’s” especially.  There are also tracks I just want to skip through.

Another Listen?  Absolutely.  But I imagine I’ll only purchase a couple songs.

Brandon Flowers – Flamingo

 OK, this is going to sound weird but try to stay with me.  That single, “Crossfire” sounds like a David Gray track.  And that was all I could think of throughout the album – well, that and the standard Brandon Flowers vocals. David Gray has an enjoyable voice, but I get bored with his music.  I always thought he should do something along these lines.  Well, I guess Brandon beat him to it.

Another Listen?  Nah, once was enough.  I’m bored with The Killers, too.

Manic Street Preachers –  Postcards From A Young Man

Speaking of sound-alikes….wow.  Seriously, did they swap lead singers for Robbie Williams?  I mean this whole album is Robbie’s.  I loved their last album, but this one all I can think of is Robbie finally made a good album.  I am so confused!! 

Another Listen?  Yes, but it feels like cheating.

Carl Barat – s/t

 This is the biggest surprise of the year for me.  I thought it would be similar to all the other non-Libertine projects he’s produced.  I’m happy I didn’t ignore this – it’s a little gem.  First couple of songs are warm-ups.  Carl usually brings a bit of French flair and there is a bit of that…and then comes “She’s Something” which really stands out.  “So Long My Lover” is another good track which is a bit Libertine-esque, but also has a retro feel (especially the intro). 

The track that blew my socks off is “Death Fires Burn At Night” and I hope it will blow a lot of other people away.  This is the type of track that albums like “Screamadelica” are made from.  Had Carl written the entire album around this song he’d be getting all the hype Pete’s had over the past 5 years – but for the right reasons.  I really, really hope this is a side we see more from him.

Another Listen?  Oh, yeah.  It’s on constant rotation.  BUY THIS

Mystery Jets – Serotonin

 My friend, Ben, brought this to my attention.  So happy he did.  What a fun album all the way through.

 Another Listen?  No question, I bought it straight away.

What do you think & what are you listening to this week?

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