Overlooked Albums 2010


Now’s the time to be prepping those year-end album lists.  Or at the very least, reviewing the dozens posted all over the place.  Tis the season.  But as I began to look over other lists and my own favorites I felt compelled to share a few that probably won’t be as widely listed:

First up is Blonde Redhead’s Penny Sparkle.  It may not be 23 but it’s still a solid effort.  In case you missed this one and like Blonde Redhead, you owe it to yourself to listen to it…or give it a second try.  Honestly I would say it’s a better followup than many indie artists of late.  Maybe it’s just too understated to get much buzz from the music press and bloggers.

This is simply the best indie debut I’ve heard this year.  Seabellies consists of 6 Aussies who I hope have a bright future.  Wayne Connolly (Youth Group, The Vines) produced the album, By Limbo Lake, and it’s masterful.  Great tracks that do not get tiresome or hard to track through.  You’ll enjoy this from the opening notes.

If you’re into Hot Chip you probably know about Silver Columns, but they aren’t a big name yet.  Yes and Dance is a fun album to put on while you’re working or just want to chill.  It’s not earth-shattering; just a solid corker for those who enjoy happy, upbeat electronic sounds.

Here’s my surprise of the year.  The record company must have decided to release “Run With The Boys” as the first single because it’s about the only thing that could go hand-in-hand with The Libertines’ catalogue.  This is Carl 2.0 and he’s out to make some noise.  It’s a great experiment.  Not a perfect album, but really shows growth.  Want proof?  “Death Fires Burn At Night”  – our Carl is growing up!


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