No regrets – other than missed shows


I ran across a gig review earlier this month for a show in Scotland featuring Mike Peters of the Alarm.  It’s a quick read and makes you feel like you heard an account of the show from a friend vs. a reviewer.  That could also sum up the performer himself.  Mike Peters has been “all in” from the beginning.  He’s all about the music and fans – even before social media!

This fact again hit home with me reading the review and recalling a rare show he played in Lawrence, KS, in the 90’s.  It was one of those shows where my friends weren’t around or interested to check it out.  He played a very intimate venue, too, the Jazzhaus which would become one of my favorite spots, but at that point I hadn’t been there but maybe one time.

I can honestly say it’s one of very few shows in my adult life I regret missing.  Granted it would not have been quite the show as described in the review linked above, but I know it would have been fun. 

And something you may not be aware of is the story of Peters releasing music under the guise of younger musicians in 2004 has been turned into a movie named, “Vinyl“.  It has a good cast lineup.  As far as I know it’s making the festival circuit and no immediate plans of US release.  (Much same as “California Solo” unfortunately – another music-related UK indie film that is on my Must See list!)

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  1. True. Mike is naturally connected to his fans. I have never seen anyone so inspirational on stage………apart from Dave Sharp of course. The best guitarist ever to have lived……… my humble opinion of course.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, wardph. Do Dave and Mike occasionally play together? I recall the VH1 episode of Bands Reunited that featured Dave, but don’t really hear much about what he’s doing.

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