How do music venues survive?


I realize a good number of my music friends read The Guardian regularly and perhaps you already read this in-depth article by Tom Lamont posted over the weekend.  It’s a great read and as we just had “Small Business Saturday” in the ‘States I thought it was especially appropriate.  We often read about the stuggles artists have as well as streaming media outlets; and some come out better than others.  The issues venues deal with aren’t written about nearly as often.

The author follows the people who make the Forum in Tunbridge Wells (located somewhere between London and Brighton from what I gather) tick as best it can given various circumstances.  What’s amazing is we’re talking a night when Palma Violets were playing (heavily-tipped by NME) and the venue had been called one of the best small venues to catch bands.  All the right ingredients one would think.

Anyway, below is a picture of the crew who love live music and here is the link to the story.  If you’ve ever done something purely for the love of it, you should take the time to read it!

Photo by Katherine Rose of the Observer


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