Some Lo-fi Disgrace


Time to feature some of my favorite music of 2012.  There is usually a band with connections to Scotland on my YE list and this year will be no exception.  Thanks to the most awesome music blog, 17 Seconds, blogger Ed gave me a fantastic tip to check out Laurence and the Slab Boys.  “Laurence” is from The Cinematics, with whom you may be familiar. 

I’ve hesitated a few times since getting hooked on their album, Lo-fi Disgrace, on how to (or how not to) describe their sound to friends.  There’s a shoegaze vibe, but for a couple weeks it really bugged me whose voice he reminded me…it really drove me crazy.  I hate to say that for fear if you’re reading this you might write them off as not having their own merit.  In reality I would say they’ve created a hybrid sound.  For several reasons I find the album a nice collection of familiarity.  Deep into the album I hear Joy Division and there are a couple other singers that come to mind – I’ll let you decide.   All are good traits and the songwriting is solid. 

The youtube track I’ve chosen is more on the dreamy, shoegaze spectrum.  The song doesn’t represent the whole album; it’s intended just to give you a taste.  Let me know in the comments if you hear any other famous-sounding voices that I haven’t mentioned. (The album is available via their Bandcamp store.)

You can watch the band perform “Mushroom” via YouTube.

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