New Tunes Test: The Bixby Knolls


When I read this statement I knew I had to check out this band:  “Our record reminds us of Bobby Gillespie and Joe Strummer in a fist fight.”


Not quite sure where the Joe Strummer part comes in, but this LA-area band definitely digs Primal Scream.  Think dirty, LA signature sound with a hint of the ‘Scream mixed in.  I listened to the full album (titled “Near & Undear”) tonight.   There are clear UK influences yet it contains more hard-edged rock than one would expect.  The band takes notes from their influences and makes them their own.

A couple of things worth noting -1)  I really like several songs deep into the tracklisting.  In fact, I would recommend “Waking Up The World” (via Spotify) and “Want It All” if you only listen to 2 tracks.  2)  Solid songwriting.  I think there’s some promise here.

If their vibe is a little too hard for your taste, give the track “Sister Anne” a try.

The Bixby Knolls on SoundCloud


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