Elements: 13 tracks for ’13


As good of a time as any to note my fav tracks of the year. It’s become much easier for me than listing albums. Guess I must be on a quest for the perfect album because there haven’t been too many to impress me enough to go back and listen to over and over this year.

I know, you thought it would be a long list of shoegaze…but you’d be wrong (this time). 🙂 Enjoy it via spotify. (Hopefully the link will work, but who knows.)

1.  Snowblind (Suede) – Wow, Brett Anderson sounds amazing
2.  Hurricane (MS MR)
3.  What We Want (The Naked and Famous)
4.  Back to Land (Wooden Shijps)
5.  It’s Alright, It’s OK (Primal Scream) – I have to see these guys live again
6.  Early in the Morning (Heliotropes) – Thanks, Lu, for sending me the track
7.  All Day (Owl) – Had no idea Chris Wyse from The Cult had his own band – sure do now
8.  Voices (Alice In Chains) – My favorite track of the year by a long country mile
9.  Calm Now (Low Moon Low) – Thanks, Mike (The Big Beat)
10. Pumpin Blood (NONONO) – darned commercial was just too catchy
11. Shine My Shoes (Robbie Williams) – my weakness for Chambers/Williams tunage
12. American (The Wild Feathers)
13. Long Way to Go (Andrew Stockdale)

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