Rick Rubin’s Cred


I have great respect for Rubin’s early days, but haven’t cared much for what he’s done this side of the century mark.  It seems like the same old story:  artist claims they’ve always wanted to work with Rubin, music press gets all over the collaboration, not nearly the level of excitement once the project is released.

Not sure I could put my finger on what’s different.  Is it the current climate of music?  The artists he’s working with now?  I don’t know.

But he does have a good ear – I’ll give him that.  You can tell I’ve been catching up on my Billboard reading.  The latest is talk of a possible pairing of ZZ Top and The Black Keys.  I’d like to hear that. 

An even better idea would be to dump Springsteen from the Superbowl (I’m falling asleep just thinking about that!) and pair these two bands up.  One condition:  EQUAL BILLING.  Both bands could perform with each other & do 2 songs each.  It would rock.  The Baby Boomers would be happy and the X-Y’ers would get a treat at the same time.

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