Elements: 13 tracks for ’13


As good of a time as any to note my fav tracks of the year. It’s become much easier for me than listing albums. Guess I must be on a quest for the perfect album because there haven’t been too many to impress me enough to go back and listen to over and over this year.

I know, you thought it would be a long list of shoegaze…but you’d be wrong (this time). ūüôā Enjoy it via spotify. (Hopefully the link will work, but who knows.)

1.  Snowblind (Suede) РWow, Brett Anderson sounds amazing
2.  Hurricane (MS MR)
3.  What We Want (The Naked and Famous)
4.  Back to Land (Wooden Shijps)
5.¬† It’s Alright, It’s OK (Primal Scream) – I have to see these guys live again
6.  Early in the Morning (Heliotropes) РThanks, Lu, for sending me the track
7.  All Day (Owl) РHad no idea Chris Wyse from The Cult had his own band Рsure do now
8.  Voices (Alice In Chains) РMy favorite track of the year by a long country mile
9.  Calm Now (Low Moon Low) РThanks, Mike (The Big Beat)
10. Pumpin Blood (NONONO) Рdarned commercial was just too catchy
11. Shine My Shoes (Robbie Williams) – my weakness for Chambers/Williams tunage
12. American (The Wild Feathers)
13. Long Way to Go (Andrew Stockdale)


The need to rock


Have a confession of sorts. I didn’t listen to any Cult music in the weeks leading up to seeing the band play in Chicago recently. This tour was focused on playing their album Electric which I was really looking forward to, but didn’t want to think too much about it – if you know what I mean. I’ve seen them so many times that I just want to “live” the experience in the moment. Musically, the last couple of months I’ve been aching to hear some rock and roll. I’d been listening to Songza playlists featuring metal standards of the past few decades. Not exactly my usual early alternative fare, huh?

So I found it coincidental to read a Chris Wyse (The Cult’s bass player on their tours since about ’06) interview as he had been doing more press for this tour¬†than Ian and Billy. And while reading I was reminded that he’d actually played bass on the 2001 album, Beyond Good and Evil (which to say I adore wouldn’t even come close to being accurate). Just then it dawned on me I should check out his other band, OWL. And guess what? It was exactly the type of ear candy I’ve been jonesing for – good rock and roll; a little heavy on the side. BAM! as some of my friends would say. ūüôā

You should give them a listen.¬† Stream tunes directly from their site and then go out and buy it.¬† A few suggestions from their latest release, The Right Thing: “Taking Over”, “The Right Thing” and a Kinks’ cover, “Destroyer,” all fun tracks.

And side note:¬† Yes, The Cult were in top form. Wish I could hear them again on this tour.¬† Hearing one of my favorite lines “We are not chained to the wheel” always hits the right spot with me!

Elfman-Burton musical collaborations


With the surprising news that Danny Elfman’s scores will be played in grand style with a special concert,¬†I hunted for a little preview. ¬†Let’s face it, Elfman made movie scores cool.¬† The event is called “Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton” and will feature¬†an 87-piece orchestra and 45-member choir.

In LA.

On October 31.


Additional dates for a tour?  We shall see!

Back at it


Once again I abandoned my blog because I simply didn’t have time to keep up with it nor the interest at the time to write.¬† Luckily, some circumstances have changed in the last couple months.¬† And after a much-needed trip to get an injection of RnR (Rock’n’Roll) in Chicago and a visit from old friends over the holiday weekend, I believe it’s time to resurrect again.

Quick note about the subject of my last post was Carl Barat‘s upcoming album.¬†¬†Recently the word is¬†he has¬†been holed up in California working on it with Joby Ford of The Bronx no less.¬† I dare say this will be an interesting match up.¬†¬†Fellow Libertine, Pete, has a new one out as well called ‘Sequel To The Prequel’ by Babyshambles.¬† I’ve heard a couple tracks and it sounds very promising – be on the lookout.

Alright – new month, new week heading into Fall.¬† Carl and I are back at it.¬†¬†Ready?¬† Break!¬† ¬†ūüôā

Carl Barat demo


Earlier in the week Carl took to facebook to field questions, survive accolades and pleading to visit everyone's town to play.  He posted a couple of pics and the link to his latest.  It's much more "Libertine-esque" than his last album.  Check it out:


Google :: Copyright :: World Brain…what does it all mean?


I consider Sundance a nice warm-up to SXSW.¬† In doing some research about what’s playing and who/what we’ll be hearing about in the next week I found something that has fascinated me.¬† It’s a documentary called “Google and The World Brain.”¬†

There are several layers to the filmmaker’s synopsis:¬† copyrights for authors (can’t help but compare this to musicians) as well as the right to access of information vs. the monopoly of information.¬† I’ve long been a Google fan, but with the latest change to their search algorithm their stock has plummeted (in my book).¬† If the trailer intrigues you, definitely make a point to read a Q&A with the filmmaker over on IndieWire.¬†¬†¬†¬†Ben Lewis has had a pretty broad view of the world throughout his career.¬† He claims the message of his film is¬†‘Down with technoutopianism!'”¬† Huh.¬† I think I just added a new word to my vocabulary!

Now I’m off to search for a copy of H. G. Wells’ “World Brain.”

Centerstage News: 1/14/2013


Here’s¬†a broad look at recent music news for the middle of January:

  • Jonesy to appear on ‘Californication’ [via K-Earth]
  • Camper Van Beethoven’s 10th album + interview [via SPIN]
  • You know ’em, you luv ’em – Get to know Japandroids [via Consequence of Sound]
  • Sneak peek at The Replacements’ upcoming ep [via Paste Magazine]

I am looking forward to the ‘Mats material – especially ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’.¬† And here’s more new music to try out:

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ ‘Jubilee Street’

Johnny Marr’s ‘Upstarts’

Miles Kane’s ‘Give Up’


Rocker’s Tirade on Social Media


Ran across this article and had to share it as it’s a little amusing.¬† At first I was concerned Dave¬†was making a major wardrobe change, but alas, that’s not the case.¬† Whew!¬† The MSN blurb says it all:

The Megadeth frontman thrashes the retailer’s customer service, but the store’s response makes him sound like the old guy at the show.