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The need to rock


Have a confession of sorts. I didn’t listen to any Cult music in the weeks leading up to seeing the band play in Chicago recently. This tour was focused on playing their album Electric which I was really looking forward to, but didn’t want to think too much about it – if you know what I mean. I’ve seen them so many times that I just want to “live” the experience in the moment. Musically, the last couple of months I’ve been aching to hear some rock and roll. I’d been listening to Songza playlists featuring metal standards of the past few decades. Not exactly my usual early alternative fare, huh?

So I found it coincidental to read a Chris Wyse (The Cult’s bass player on their tours since about ’06) interview as he had been doing more press for this tour¬†than Ian and Billy. And while reading I was reminded that he’d actually played bass on the 2001 album, Beyond Good and Evil (which to say I adore wouldn’t even come close to being accurate). Just then it dawned on me I should check out his other band, OWL. And guess what? It was exactly the type of ear candy I’ve been jonesing for – good rock and roll; a little heavy on the side. BAM! as some of my friends would say. ūüôā

You should give them a listen.¬† Stream tunes directly from their site and then go out and buy it.¬† A few suggestions from their latest release, The Right Thing: “Taking Over”, “The Right Thing” and a Kinks’ cover, “Destroyer,” all fun tracks.

And side note:¬† Yes, The Cult were in top form. Wish I could hear them again on this tour.¬† Hearing one of my favorite lines “We are not chained to the wheel” always hits the right spot with me!

Elfman-Burton musical collaborations


With the surprising news that Danny Elfman’s scores will be played in grand style with a special concert,¬†I hunted for a little preview. ¬†Let’s face it, Elfman made movie scores cool.¬† The event is called “Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton” and will feature¬†an 87-piece orchestra and 45-member choir.

In LA.

On October 31.


Additional dates for a tour?  We shall see!

BRMC’s December Gigs in CA


Feels good to be talking (and hearing) new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club music.¬† During my week off at the folks over the holidays I was excited to hear Robert’s Dad’s band, The Call on one of the hometown radio stations.¬† I think the last time I heard “Let The Day Begin” was when I had¬†learned of Michael Been’s passing.¬† It was refreshing to hear the track.¬† As I got back to my place this weekend (and to my laptop rather than using Mom’s iPad) I was blown away to see the playlist for their recent Troubador show.¬† Top of the list was “Let The Day Begin!”

And it’s one of the tracks off the new album to boot.¬† Double treat:¬† Tom Ferrier of The Call guested on the song during their Santa Cruz gig.¬† I tell you, BRMC always hits it right.¬† I don’t know how they do it, but why question it.¬† Enjoy the tracks below and here’s a link to a blog review of the Slim’s show via 402 Productions.

The “Six Barrel Shotgun” performance 402 Productions writes about:

Cleanest version of “Let The Day Begin” I can find (Troubador):

How do music venues survive?


I realize a good number of my music friends read The Guardian regularly and perhaps you already read this in-depth article by Tom Lamont posted over the weekend.¬† It’s a great read and as we just had “Small Business Saturday” in the ‘States I thought it was especially appropriate.¬† We often read about the stuggles artists have as well as streaming media outlets; and some come out better than others.¬† The issues venues deal with aren’t written about nearly as often.

The author follows the people who make the Forum in Tunbridge Wells (located somewhere between London and Brighton from what I gather) tick as best it can given various circumstances.¬† What’s amazing is we’re talking a night when Palma Violets were playing (heavily-tipped by NME) and the venue had been called one of the best small venues to catch bands.¬† All the right ingredients one would think.

Anyway,¬†below is a picture of the crew who love live music and here is the link to the story.¬† If you’ve ever done something purely for the love of it, you should take the time to read it!

Photo by Katherine Rose of the Observer

James McCartney’s Light debuts in US


I have been getting several hits this week from a past post on James McCartney but didn’t realize why.¬† I was totally behind on this one.¬† His band debuted in Iowa last month.

In case you’re looking for info about it, this is the best link I’ve found (w/ pics).¬† If anyone has a blog link where someone personally attended the show, leave a comment with the link please.

I miss my iPhone


Tonight marks the first time Apple will stream a live concert to the iPhone – and it’s an UNDERWORLD gig.¬†

What time?  9 pm PST / 11 pm CST

Where? or

This reminds me how frustrating it was at my last job – the powers that be who rated our music library rated Underworld’s hit, “Born Slippy” as a 2/5.¬† Whether or not you like the song, I think most folks I know would say that when you¬†consider popularity in this genre (which is what the scale was suppose to represent) it would be a 4 if not 5.¬†

This was a perfect example of how skewed the music library became.¬† So glad that’s not my problem anymore.