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Back at it


Once again I abandoned my blog because I simply didn’t have time to keep up with it nor the interest at the time to write.  Luckily, some circumstances have changed in the last couple months.  And after a much-needed trip to get an injection of RnR (Rock’n’Roll) in Chicago and a visit from old friends over the holiday weekend, I believe it’s time to resurrect again.

Quick note about the subject of my last post was Carl Barat‘s upcoming album.  Recently the word is he has been holed up in California working on it with Joby Ford of The Bronx no less.  I dare say this will be an interesting match up.  Fellow Libertine, Pete, has a new one out as well called ‘Sequel To The Prequel’ by Babyshambles.  I’ve heard a couple tracks and it sounds very promising – be on the lookout.

Alright – new month, new week heading into Fall.  Carl and I are back at it.  Ready?  Break!   🙂


Doherty update


Now that Pete’s solo album has been wrapped up…he reportedly has time to move in on Amy Winehouse. Really?

Yep. The Mirror posted that Pete recently sent her a black wreath and poem. [everyone say….awwwww] That is if you believe everything you read?!?! In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until March to hear the album.

Boys in the band shock fans


London must have been scorching hot last night as Pete and Carl shared a stage for the first time in ages!  Doherty was playing at The Prince of Wales pub recording material that will be used in an MTV doc (can’t wait to get more info on that!) 

There must have been a collective gasp when Carl appeared.  Whenever I read about them getting together I’m amazed at how simple it all seems.  They pick up right where they left off (just wish that would only be true of the music & not their brotherly love/hate relationship).  A few Libertine songs were played including “Time For Heroes” and they also played a cover of Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger”…could that be an omen????

The week just became that much better with a little Libertine tease.

Some post-Libertines news


In my estimation it’s been waaay, waaay too long since I’ve posted a good Pete and Carl story. I can’t not post about the latest news about our favorite wayward Libertine partners.

First of all, Carl is in the hospital with what they are calling acute pancreatitis.  He’ll be in for awhile for observation.  Hope it doesn’t turn out to be as serious as it sounds!

Meanwhile Pete treated fans to an unbelievable setlist in London the other night.  He came on around 10:30 and played till after 3 AM.  Playing a bit of everything (including covers), I can only imagine the crowd reaction. 

What a sing-a-long!   NME has the details including the setlist and a YouTube video.  Their description is fabulous including how Pete brought up a fan onstage & ribbed him a bit.  If anyone has found more youtube vids from this gig…post ’em!

Pete’s back at it


No, no…not the drugs (well, we don’t know for sure); it’s music!  He’s only been released from jail a day and boom – we have a new YouTube vid for a track called ‘Maybelline’.

Funny, I just had been to the bookstore last night & bought Alex Hannaford’s book, Pete Doherty: Last of the Rock Romantics.  Browsing through it I noticed quite a bit mentioned about Carl so that made the purchase more appealing.  There was something so magical about those two together.

Pete has a knack for keeping his fans in the loop.  He has a unique way of staying in touch and he seems so aloof about the tabs that whatever gets written about him is almost an afterthought.  Plus it will all change in a day’s time! 

Babyshambles a near no-show


So, last night the ‘shambles were set to play at O2 arena as part of the NME Awards launch party.  I don’t think anyone would be shocked to hear that Pete failed to show up for the gig, but he wasn’t the only one.  Seems both he and guitarist Mick Wittnall were no shows.  Interesting that the remaining two band members decided to give it a go.  And they had some help in the process.

from Xfm – 

Bassist Drew McConnell and drummer Adam Ficek were then forced to perform as a duo and at one point were helped out by a member of the audience.

Speaking from the stage to the 300 competition winners of the NME Awards Launch Party, McConnell said: “Alright, my name is Drew and this is Adam. This is quite embarrassing really but it’s been a hell of a day. Adam and I are here but the other two boys in the band aren’t. It’s a pain in the arse really.”

Having performed ‘I Wish’, the duo were joined by fan Jamie Dell who played guitar and handled vocal duties for ‘Carry On Up The Morning’. They were then later augmented by The Paddingtons’ Josh Hubbard for covers of The Clash’s ‘Janie Jones’ and The Vaselines’ ‘Molly’s Lips’.

Reaching the end of their brief set, McConnell thanked the crowd for “…not killing us.”

Note many of the news outlet incorrectly identified the fan.  His name is Jamie Bell.  Here’s a short clip of the video [he acutally commented on YouTube stating he doesn’t remember much from the show ;)]

Remind me not to plan a trip solely to see Pete or Babyshambles

…because I have thought about it.

2008 album releases


It seemed as though 2007 was the year of Reformation.  Several stellar bands regrouped to put on live performances and it looks as though some of those will result in new material.  We’ve been hearing word of releases by My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain as well as The Verve.

Look for other surprises to be announced by the new year.  Shirley Manson‘s solo album is set to release.  It’s been long awaited…maybe too long.  I have a feeling this will be much like a member of the Smashing Pumpkins going solo.  And here is a name I haven’t heard in a long time:  Filter.  Richard Patrick posted that he’s started working on new material.  Here’s another Pumpkins comparison:  how can Filter be ‘Filter’ without Brian?

There will also be some artists branching out from their bands to put out solo albums.  Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody is working on new material.  And it’s reported that our buddy Pete Doherty will have a solo album out next year as well.

Some are sparking rumors that Pete is recording behind Babyshambles’ backs.  I hope that’s inaccurate, but we shall see.

Pete admits and re-admits


Our boy Pete Doherty admitted that the recent footage taken from a mobile phone shortly after arriving back from the MTV Europe awards was the real deal.  Now I know all the publicity Pete gets annoys many.  But of all the sad celebs out there who I could care less about, Doherty is a genuine guy who is struggling & I feel for him.

Think about it, would you want your label to have to comment something like this for you?

 “Peter Doherty would like to apologise to the medical staff, fans and well-wishers who have helped and encouraged his progress in fighting his addiction to heroin.”

I think he feels as badly that he let others down as he did himself.  That may be part of the root of the problem.  We all know he’s had plenty of hangers-on in the past.  I hope that has diminished.  From this Guardian article it sounds as though he has proper support from his bandmates.  Supposedly he’ll be spending his weekend in rehab…stay tuned.

Libertines: 5 years on


It was five years ago this month The Libertine’s debut album, Up the Bracket, was released!  Sweetness all around.  There are times you give something new a listen and it hits you right away.  That’s exactly how I felt with this album.  I knew there was some buzz and that a former Clash member produced the album, but that was about it.  Little did we know they were an electric shooting star. 

Let’s celebrate the anniversary with some goodies.  NME has posted a photo gallery with some rarities.  [Many of these shots were taken by Andrew Kendall, who has introduced me to plenty of new UK bands over the last 5 years.]  And let’s not forget that for one brief, shining moment Pete & Carl reunited earlier this year!!

Time For Heroes will be out next week in the UK and early December here in the US.  It’s a greatest hits set.  Their MySpace has the tracklisting set up in the player, so feel free to give it a listen today.  I would love it if they could get some rare tracks together for release or live recordings…anything really.  I’m happy Carl & Pete are still playing, but there will always be something extra special about The Libertines. 

Reminder:  Shotter’s Nation is released in the US today (Oct. 23, 2007).