New Chemikal Underground signing


Big fan of most of Chemikal’s bands and I always look forward to receiving their email newsletters in my inbox.  Today there’s word of a new band from Glasgow in the Chemikal camp.

 Chemikal Underground’s New Signings – The Phantom Band

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve brought another great band into the Chemikal fold in the form of The Phantom Band.  On the strength of two great Glasgow shows and their brilliant ‘Throwing Bones’ 7″ released on the fine London imprint Trial And Error Records, their joining Chemikal became a fait accompli.  Of course we could try and describe what they sound like but would rather encourage you to hear them for yourself by checking out their myspace site

And so you should!  There are no photos of the band which I think is pretty cool.  Definitely track thru each track and also take notice of the artwork for each along with their profile pic.  I admire a band that has a good sense of matching artwork to their sound.


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